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Elbarentboat offers an automated reservation system. Thanks to the search engine, you can book independently. Select the desired boat or dinghies for the requested period. The search system will automatically display the available boats, on the basis of the data provided. The rent begins with the collection of the boats, for example, in one of our offices on the island of Elba (Free). We offer also a delivery­service and pick up service of the boats.

Once you have selected the category of vehicle you wish to rent and entered the data of the period and the pickup location, please click on „CALCULATE“. Then you get to the page where you can select the desired model of the boats or dignhies. Then click on "BOOK NOW". On the following page you have to enter you personal information (name, phone, email, driver's license number, etc ...).

After accepting the sale as well as the data protection rules, you can choose the mode of payment: Payment by Bank ­ what needs to be done within the next 48 hours (after the reservation request) (if payment is not received within this period, the rent will be void.)­

If you have questions please contact us. Our staff are available.

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